WISeKey and OpSec Security Partnership Establishes Trust Between Brands and their Customers through Improved Customer Engagement

WISeKey and OpSec have entered into a partnership to offer secure and digitally enabled products to better protect brands’ product and services from counterfeiting and empower authentic customer engagement.

WISeKey, a leading global cybersecurity and IoT company and OpSec Security, a leading global provider of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions and platforms, today announced that they have joined forces to deliver a seamless solution for product authentication and trusted customer engagements.

Current market conditions have created the need for a rapid transformation to online and digital customer engagement strategies. The combination of secure NFC technology from WISeKey integrated with the OpSec InSight® product journey tracking platform enables brands to directly connect their products with their customers while providing an authentic and personalized experience.

A brand protection program employing WISeKey’s NanoSeal® & VaultIC® secure NFC technology will further establish trust and customer confidence by ensuring product engagements actually happened via a true and secure NFC tap of the product. Using SKU-level information dynamically referenced from the OpSec InSight® platform, brand owners empower customers to authenticate their products and engage with the brand for an authentic and personalized product and brand experience. Brands are also then empowered with meaningful data for additional messaging and marketing.