WISeKey is Adapting its R&D and Extended Patents Portfolio to the Post-COVID 19 Economy with Specific Focus on Post-Quantum Cryptography

With more than 25% of its 2019 annual turnover invested in R&D, WISeKey is a significant and recognized contributor to digital trust in an interconnected world. The Company’s recent publication and a conference presentation about post-quantum cryptography illustrates once again that innovation is at the heart of the Company.

WISeKey is involved in this NIST PQC (Post-Quantum Cryptography) program with the only objective of providing future-proof digital security solutions based on existing and new hardware architectures. WISeKey International Holding Ltd. published today a technical article (https://www.wisekey.com/articles-white-papers/) discussing how to guarantee digital security and protect against hackers who will take advantage of the power of quantum information science. This
research was presented (video here: https://www.wisekey.com/videos/) during the remote International Workshop on Code-Based Cryptography (CBCrypto 2020 – Zagreb, Croatia – May 9-10 2020).

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