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Linxens Sustainable Development Actions

Linxens relentlessly strives to reduce its environmental footprint : Develop eco-friendly chemistry, Systematically use sustainable materials …

Develop eco-friendly chemistry

  • Use of green copper (less arsenic used)
  • Renewed gold bath
  • Etching sludges treatment (transformed to copper oxide)

Systematically use sustainable materials

  • Paper spacers instead of plastic ones
  • Recycled plastic for our reels

Waste sorting

  • Plastic sorting
  • PVC and PC recycled in Thailand to produce pallets
  • Partnerships with recycling specialists

Reduce consumption of natural resources

  • New electricity saving air recycling equipment in France
  • Water recycling in partnership with the Singaporean water authority

Ensure employee safety

  • Linxens is ISO 45001 certified
  • Regular reminders of our safety rules

Sustainable Smart Cards

rPETG: a very favorable substitute for PVC with Ecological benefits:

  • No hazardous substances (i.e. Halogens)  from cradle to grave
  • Does not release toxic or regulated substances throughout its entire life cycle
  • Higher recycled content compared to most (rPVC)or ocean plastic based cards
  • Suitable for mechanical recycling → secondary raw material
  • Also favourable for molecular & enzymatic recycling → “new” raw material
  • Minimized first-use plastic content
  • Help to Reduce carbon footprint
  • PVC free
  • 100% recyclable

Recycled content certificate

  • Both the rPET-G material and our product (procoil) have a third party recycled content certificate
  • Our supplier and our plant (Ayutthaya) have been audited and certified

MasterCard CEC Certification

  • Mastercars Sustainable Card Program
  • Card Eco Certification (DED) Scheme