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Linxens is a specialist in the manufacture of secure electronic components for smart cards

Cyril de Lixens, adhérent Connectwave

Linxens is a global leading technology company.
With more than 30 years’ experience in the electronics industry, Linxens leverages on the expertise and know-how of its 3000 talents to design and manufacture flexible electronics in reel-to-reel format for smart cards, and RFID antennas.

What is the expertise of Linxens?

A specialist in the manufacture of secure electronic components for smart cards, Linxens’ solutions are used worldwide in various applications in markets such as banking, telecoms, government and healthcare, and to ensure access control, asset tracking, authentication and identity.

What are the benefits?

With production sites and R&D centers in Europe and South-East Asia, Linxens is the partner of choice to accompany clients in developing customized solutions or ensuring large-scale production anywhere in the world, for any market.

What kind of deployment did you achieve?

We recently won a contract with a well-known manufacturer of high-tech products, to track the assembly of hundreds of parts. These parts will be tagged to avoid errors and this will correspond to 20 million parts per year. Another customer delivers Linxens RFID tags to their client, a large German car manufacturer, who integrates them in their assembly parts to ensure the tracking of the parts. However, in general, Linxens targets high value-added products in technical markets.

The ink cartridges of a major printer manufacturer are equipped with a module consisting of a Linxens connector and a chip, which is associated with another connector. The two parts must recognize each other (authenticate each other) to allow the printer to function. Another case: the authentication of electronic cigarette refills. This is a health issue, as electronic cigarettes are currently poorly regulated. The key is to know if I have the right refill, what it contains, where it comes from. Linxens has proposed this solution to investors in China, where cigarette purchases are in the billions. There is a real need and a real market.

What are your projects now?

Linxens continues to support partners in the Vertical of Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Industry4.0 and Logistics for the authentication & asset tracking. New challenges emerge in order to enable the growth of IoT, that requires more and more technical product, following the trend of « miniaturization », « flexibility » for an easy integration of the Tag/Connector into the Object, or mechanical and high temperature resistance for the Object to survive in tough environment. Power Management is also a key topic within Linxens, where we put resources to develop solution integrating the energy harvesting and limit the consumption of the whole system.

How does Connectwave support you in your projects?

Connectwave is a perfect relay for the promotion of new products, initiatives and collaborative projects that Linxens is proud to push on the field. The vast address book is an enabler to find partners, help the community and be part of the spread of IoT in the world.

What do you think of the evolution of RFID / IoT?

The IoT ecosystem is becoming more and more complex due to the unlimited number of use cases, that require adaptation for their deployment. Using off-the-shelf products has limitations. Trends such as miniaturization, the need of sensors in the Industry, the requirement of a single package instead of large complex and expensive hardware, are definitely changing the landscape. If the RFID technology and its ROI is now proven and thus massively deployed, the overall IoT world remains very fragmented and far from maturity.

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