Corso Magenta

Corso Magenta is a European company that designs, manufactures and sells ready-to-use flexible films with integrated technological functions for surfaces.



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Corso Magenta

Corso Magenta is a European company that designs, manufactures and distributes dry paint films with integrated functions for your surfaces.

Corso Magenta brings customized solutions in various sectors, for global customers and key accounts.
CorsoShield is the range of shielded layers that filter waves to isolate an area. No more cross-reading between the sales floor and the stockroom. Then the RFID inventories are more reliable.

CorsoShield Wall

CorsoShield Wall

For walls and partitions. Shielded covering bonded to a mat glass with a painted finish.

2 levels of finish applicable in Stock Room and Sales Floor.

Main benefits

  • RFID waves do not pass trough the wall
  • Wifi and GSM waves continues to pass through
  • Immedialty effective
  • Fast installation, esay to clean, highly resistant to impacts

CorsoShield Box & trolleys



CorsoShield Box & trolleys

For collection returns, unsold inventory and transfers, it is necessary to read the tags that are inside a box, without reading this in the reste of the room.
Corso Box and Trolley have been designed for this purpose.

You just have to introduce the reader inside the fabric, to cover the box or the trolley and to read the tags !

  • RFID waves do not pass through the Fabric
  • Reading is improved thanks to the generated rebounds
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport
  • Compatible with all types of reader
  • Immediately effective: no connection or adjustment
  • The smartphone is still connected in Bluetooth.

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