Corso Magenta

Corso Magenta is a European company that designs, manufactures and sells ready-to-use flexible films with integrated technological functions for surfaces.



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Corso Magenta

Corso Magenta changes the world of traditional paint and its applications.

Corso Magenta designs and manufactures smart dry paint films, which deliver efficient and responsible solutions for Retail, Construction and Industry professionals.

With CorsoShield®, retail and supply chain professionals, make the traceability of their stocks, stores and warehouses fully reliable and save sales time.

CorsoShield is an adopted solution by the world’s leading brands in Fashion Retail.

Main benefits :

  • -Reliability of data collection
  • -Immediate time saving (no set-up required)
  • -RFID waves blocked, GSM and Wi-Fi still functional.

The range is available in 3 technologies :

CorsoShield Wall
CorsoShield Box & trolleys
CorsoShield Window, de Corso Magenta

CorsoShield Wall is isolation paint films for walls, floors and ceilings (including angles, piping, …).

  • -45 dB guaranteed at 850-960 MHz (RFID isolation)
  • -Time saving
  • -Absence of odor and harmfulness, also in occupied premises
  • -Prevents the appearance of micro-cracks sources of leaks
  • -Aesthetic finish, enables better working conditions for store staff

CorsoShield Fabrics is an isolation textile for packaging boxes, pallets, curtains (…) Ideal for collection returns, stock transfers, click and collect

  • -41 dB at 850-960 MHz (RFID isolation)
  • -Light and compact, easy to use
  • -Compatible with all readers
  • -For quick mass reading inside a box, without reading tags around
  • -A+ certified health labeling (ISO 16000)

CorsoShield Window is isolation transparent films for windows.

  • -Attenuation at 900 Mhz
  • -Gold : 30 dB 1 layer, 41 dB 2 layers
  • -Silver : 25 dB 1 layer
  • -Light transmittance still present
  • -Easy to install

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